Become more the person you'd like to be...
Become more the person you'd like to be...

How does it all work?

At the outset, we will agree to meet for sessions regularly once, twice, or thrice weekly.


At each session, the individual sets the plan; you can decide what you wish to discuss, and the therapist provides a listening ear. Being listened to without being judged is significant in itself.


While people often seek counselling or therapy for help, counsellors or therapists do not provide advice and will not tell people what to do.


For some, the help required is relatively brief - several months. Others decide to remain in therapy for some years.


Others still regard the treatment as an essential ongoing component of their lives.


Sessions are face-to-face and offered to adult individuals.


Feel free to call on, or text to

07976 924908, or email for current rates, or to arrange an initial consultation.


Here you can find all contact information.



I have put together the most frequently asked questions about my psychotherapeutic approach for you. Check out my FAQs.


Bill Rosseter is a professionally qualified psychoanalytic psychotherapist registered with the:

Registration no: 20381
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