Become more the person you'd like to be...
Become more the person you'd like to be...

Who are you? And where are you going?

In the rush and bustle of everyday life, we sometimes fail to ask the most fundamental questions of ourselves: questions like 'Who am I?', 'Where am I going in life?' and 'Am I the person I want to be?'


Sometimes, we realise that the nagging background doubt we once had about some of these things has now become a yawning gap.


At other times, it's traumatic events and life's unseen and unprepared for difficulties - illness, loss, relationship breakdown - that suddenly thrust us into this new and uncomfortable position.


However each of us got there, we know that the strain of 'carrying on regardless' places an increasingly heavy burden upon us. It is then we should stand back, take stock, and re-orientate.


Sessions are face-to-face and offered to adult individuals.


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I have put together the most frequently asked questions about my psychotherapeutic approach for you. Check out my FAQs.


Bill Rosseter is a professionally qualified psychoanalytic psychotherapist registered with the:

Registration no: 20381
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